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The Government of Samoa and the World Bank are planning a project to improve international airport infrastructure in Samoa (Samoa Aviation Investment Project) as part of the regional Pacific Aviation Investment Program (PAIP) aimed primarily at improving airport safety and security across the Pacific.


The candidate airports in Samoa are Faleolo International Airport on the island of Upolu.


The project is expected to comprise a set of physical aerodrome improvements and institutional strengthening activities. Primary beneficiaries are air travellers throughout the Pacific Islands, as well as the national and regional administrative bodies and personnel involved in air transport management, freight and passenger air service providers.


Other indirect beneficiaries are tourism-related services and seasonal labour markets.The project development objective is to improve operational safety and oversight of international and domestic air transport infrastructure.  The project is expected to comprise of four components:



Component A: International Airport Infrastructure Investments


This component will invest in aviation infrastructure to meet and maintain ICAO safety and security standards. Potential investments include runway and apron rehabilitation, and energy efficient LED airfield lighting upgrades. It will also contribute to regional safety and security through the introduction of improved regional navigation and communication technologies and enhancements for air traffic control. The focus will be on improving safety and security as well as operating efficiency.  All project activities will take place within existing airport land.

Component B: Strengthening Policy and Regulatory Capacity, and Training


This component will finance technical assistance to Samoa’s CAD to strengthen its capacity to provide effective safety and security oversight. Investments may include setting up an electronic data collection system and targeted technical assistance aimed at addressing ICAO audit findings. Training activities will also be financed. Funding under PAIP from the Government of Australia will also be made available for ongoing safety and security oversight services and general support provided by PASO. This component may assist the GoS in developing their overall policy for the sector, particularly with regard utilization of existing aerodromes, SAA’s community service obligations, and air transport impacts and interrelations with other key sectors such tourism, maritime and road transport, disaster and medical emergency response.


 Component C: Strengthening airport operations and management capacity


This component would help strengthen SAA through training in priority areas and the development of an integrated MIS system. Technical assistance may also be provided in areas such as development of non-aeronautical revenues.